(Image Description: A brown protestor wearing a mask and pink glasses holds a sign that says, “THIS IS A CANADA PROBLEM TOO.” Other protestors sit behind them as part of a sit-in.)

Hamilton Students for Justice and associated organizations have hosted various town halls and data collections over the years to document the experiences of marginalized students where institutions fail to do so. Read these reports here. .


NEW: Community Safety and Well-Being Action Plan for Black Youth in Hamilton Schools
November 10, 2021

This report draws on consultations conducted among ~160 Black youth attending Hamilton schools (age 13-18) and their parents, in collaboration with Black-led Hamilton-based community organizations. It details their experiences of anti-Black racism in schools and makes recommendations for all four publicly-funded school boards operating in Hamilton, as well as the Ontario Ministry of Education. Topics covered include racial slurs, cultural dress, policing, racial bullying, curriculum, normalization, Black youth experiences of the year 2020 (pandemic & Black Lives Matter movement), experiences with reporting & addressing anti-Black racism, and more.

Police-Free Schools Information Guide: Hamilton
June 22, 2020

This report provides information on the HWDSB’s Police Liaison Program, including the board’s official protocol and some testimonials from community members of experiences with the program. It also summarizes other school boards’ terminations of their similar programs, speaks to Hamilton Police Services’ history of violence against marginalized communities, and briefly outlines community-based alternatives to police in schools.

Anonymous Testimonials Re: Termination of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) Police Liaison Program
June 22, 2020

Gathered by 2019-2020 HWDSB Student Trustee Ahona Mehdi, this report includes a letter by Mehdi urging her fellow trustees to support the Police Liaison Program termination; a letter from acclaimed Hamilton author Lawrence Hill urging the same; and over 250 accounts from HWDSB students, parents, staff, and community members detailing firsthand the negative effects of policing in schools.

Protecting Students With Disabilities: Town Hall #2 Report
May 29, 2018

This report documents the concerns expressed by students, parents, and community members who attended HS4J’s second town hall. This includes follow-up questions for the school board regarding the Calls to Action they signed on to, and the ones they did not. It outlines how the community thinks the HWDSB should implement these calls: through hiring an Equity Officer, creating a community advisory committee, and establishing connections with McMaster University‘s disability accommodations officials. The report ends with further suggestions on how to ensure equity in the HWDSB.

Protecting Students With Disabilities: Town Hall #1 Report
February 6, 2018

This report documents the concerns expressed by students, parents, and community members who attended HS4J’s first town hall. Topics covered at this town hall include the burden of self-advocacy, issues surrounding Individual Education Plans (IEPs), how the school system handles mental health and mental illness, how the Safe Schools Act contributes to systemic ableism, and the need for post-secondary institutions to step up as well and support disabled students’ educational transitions. It ends with a list of Calls to Action.